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About Garrett Waite

Guitarist/vocalist/composer Garrett Waite is a difficult character to pin down. One night he’s soaring at light speed above a jazz rhythm section, the next he’s picking old Appalachian folk songs, singing poetic lyrics over fingerpicked cascades, or blasting his Telecaster at full volume on the road with alt-pop outfit, Day Tvvo. A student of music driven by deep curiosity, Garrett is comfortable in the realms of jazz, bluegrass, rock, avant-garde, world music, and more. Despite his eclectic leanings, his music always retains a distinct melodicism and humanness that cut through no matter the musical setting.

Garrett graduated with Honors and a Division Achievement Award from Berklee College of music, which he attended with scholarship. He was a finalist in the Wilson Center Guitar Competition (Jazz Division, 2018), and won 1st Place in the NATS singing competition (Classical Division, 2015). In 2022 he was an Artist in Residence at the historic Jazz Estate. He is endorsed by Donmoyer Guitars and House Guitars.

Garrett's latest projects include recording solo singer-songwriter and jazz music (available here) and a duo record with former teacher Kenn Fox (available here).

He can be heard performing around Milwaukee with the Garrett Waite Trio, Another One (Milwaukee's Premier Grateful Dead Tribute), Craig Baumann and the Story, Match Stick, the Consequences, and Day Tvvo. He runs a monthly jam session at Bar Centro.

Find out more about upcoming performances here.

Some of his notable teachers include Jack Grassel, JoAnne Brackeen, Kenny Werner, Terence Blanchard, Mick Goodrick, Kenn Fox, Mike Stern, David Fiuczynski, Bryan Sutton, and David Tronzo.

He has shared the stage with internationally and/or locally known legends such as Jack Grassel, Kenny Werner, Nicholas Payton, Devin Drobka, Joey Blake, Steve Grimm and Craig Evans (of Bad Boy), Cecilio Negron Jr., Mitch Shiner, Danny Miller, Craig Baumann, and the People Brother's Band.

  • Endorsed by House Guitars                                                                               2023

  • Released duo record with Kenn Fox "Maple Avenue"                                      2022

  • Endorsed by Donmoyer Guitars                                                                        2022

  • Artist in residency at the Jazz Estate                                                                 2022

  • Division Achievement Award from Berklee Guitar Department                      2020

  • Released EP "Whatever It Is"                                                                            2019

  • Wilson Center for the Arts Guitar Competition (Jazz division finalist, Rock/Blues division semi-finalist)                                                                                        2018

  • Scholarship to Berklee College of Music                                                          2016

  • Recipient of the KMHS Renaissance Award                                                     2016

  • Tommy Award recipient: Outstanding Lead Performer                                    2016

  • National Association of Teachers of Singing competition (1st Place Classical Division, 2nd Place Musical Theater Division)                                                2015

  • Released album And We Watched produced by Kenn Fox and mastered by Vinny Millevolte                                                                                                          2012

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